Abstract Vape came to life after “Rosso Ell” made a couple of stands to keep his mass of vaping gear safe and tidy. At the same time displaying it all in style.  From there Abstract Vape was born.  Our unique stands were debuted during “Vapefest Ireland 2013” and the response was fantastic.

After a long time climbing trees, former “tree surgeon” Rosso Ell has collected some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of timber.  In the Abstract Vape workshop it’s now time to turn them into something special.

After over three years searching for the ‘perfect juices’ we may have just done it.  The natural progression for Abstract Vape is to bring these juices to you.  The range will develop over time, along with our own line of premier quality juice…

Again with ‘mods’ of course, they have to be made from wood! Both mechanical and regulated box mods of the highest quality.