New Vape Stands Now Live

Oak 2 Box Mod Shelf

After a very hectic and stressful Christmas period at last new stands and loads more coming…..

Several brand new designs, both Drawer stands and others. Also a few that haven’t quite hit the mark are now live in the ‘Reduced ‘ sections. 

These are just a start, in the next few weeks we will have some brand new categories.

Fancy a High End Bathroom Stand?

A Stand that can double as a Shelf ?

A range of Simple Stands just for Attys ?……….

….Just for batteries,18’s n 26’s  ?

…..Just for Juice?

…..Want them all modular ?

Beech Modular

More additions to the Drawer range with more emphasis on Box Mods and ‘larger ‘ box mods  ( you ask and we deliver !! )

Large Double Drawer StandLarge Double Drawer Stand

 Our  ‘Basic Range’ will also expand with some much larger stands and more designs to choose from. This range has proved very popular. Still top quality Vape Stands but without the ‘finish’. This allows you to save considerably on the cost and finish them with any oil / paint / wax / varnish of your choice. or of-course just leave them as is! We gladly give advice and pointers if needed to help you achieve the look you’re after.Beech 5 Box Mod Turquoise

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